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You most likely landed on this page by looking at Google search for Bridport SEO. You found us because because we pay attention to how we rank with search engines. You found us so lets help your customers find you

Dear business owners, 

My name is Simon and I’m the owner of LittleBigWeb based in Bridport, West Dorset.

Currently I work part time creating Websites for small businesses and sports clubs and help organisations improve their results online.

The chances are that you have come to this page as you really want your business, club, or charity to rank number one on Google

SEO Agency Bridport

You may well hear of the Acronym SEO banded about the internet and the companies that promise you with absolute certainty that you will rank number one. SEO is not a do once process and then hey presto you rank top. You have to work at it and overtime you can gain the rewards. Of course, you can have a try on your own and there are many online guides and tutorials on how to do this. However, if you take a minute to reflect on whether you can benefit from some help to enable you instead to focus on running your business or organisation and let someone else advise and or assist to improve the traffic to your website.

I can help to get you on the right path. This can be as simple as an initial analysis of your site with some guidance on strategies to take to improve, or it could be that we already host your website and you need some regular time from us to focus on optimising the site.

When we work with you we pay close attention to who your close competitors are, what they are doing better so you can match them, what they are missing so that you can beat them and get the attention of customers first.

We will explain to you what parts of your website score low for performance when searching.

We will work with you to identify the best keywords to include in your site content to increase the traffic

We can suggest changes to your web pages or additional pages that will help you rank for specific keywords

We can suggest content you may want to create that will favor Google’s algorithm.
Through our flexible and customised strategies. For Bridport SEO results, we maybe just what you need.

You can dip your toe in a little or invest significant time to keep your website ranking in your location or niche. It is true in this case that more effort equals more results. It is also true that doing the right types of things improves your chances of success.
We generally follow a four-step process to SEO Success.

1. Talk about your Goals and Challenges
2. See how well you are doing now (SEO Check)
3. Propose a simple Strategy (SEO Action Plan)
4. Execute your SEO Changes (Do It!)

Of course, we would then suggest monitoring the results and to and repeat the process when needed with regular traffic reports and audits.

These services are priced to help smaller businesses, startups, and clubs achieve results in a cost-effective way.

Why not contact us to get things underway.