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Our services

Website Design

We can create a new website for your business or club based on simple professional themes. Websites are created without complex coding which keeps costs for you to a minimum.

Search Optimisation

Having a website is a good first step to help attract new customers and members. Further optimisation to ensure you rank well in search engines can accelerate your profile. We can assist to optimise your site either as a one off service or an ongoing service.

Migration from existing

We can help migrating your website from an existing hosting provider either to our hosting option or your own.

Google My Business Sites

A good place to start increasing your profile online is to setup a Google My Business account. We can help configure this with your business or club information and advise how you can optimise for improved rankings

Social Media Setup

We can help setup Facebook pages, twitter accounts with content services and can link these to your website.

Web Shopping Cart

Contact us to discuss setup of an online shop. We can setup Woo Commerce sites

Two Page Website

Hosted WordPress Theme
£ 10 Monthly
  • Hosted Themed Website
    2 Pages
  • Home Page and Contact Page
  • Content Changes Charged Extra
  • Quarterly Visits Report
Four Page Website
Includes content management
£ 25 Monthly
  • Hosted Themed Website
    5 Pages
  • Home, Contact, News, About Pages
  • 1 hour per month content updates or SEO
  • Monthly Visits Report


10 Pages or eCommerce
£ 49
  • Hosted Themed website
    10 team pages
  • Home, Contact, News, About plus Team pages
  • 2 hours per month of Content updates orO
  • Monthly Visist Report



Yes in general we can implement a website using your hosting option. If wordpress hosting is available it is usually straight forward. We can provide a quote to develop the website and handover to you. Support options can also be discussed depending on your requirements.

I have a wix site can you help ?

Many small businesses start off with a WIX site. These websites can be ok to get started but lack certain features. We are able to help update an existing WIX site or we can recreate a similar look and feel using our own hosting and design service.


We specialise in websites and consultancy rather than graphic design. If you need a logo designing or improving we can help source a graphic designer and facilitate the process.

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Do you wish to host your site only